Top 10 advantages of using Flutter for application development

Flutter is popular among developers for many strong reasons. Understanding the strengths and features of Flutter is important in determining whether it is the right choice for your next development project. The following are

top advantages using the flutter application development

1. Single code base for all platforms

An outstanding benefit of Flutter is its single code base system. It allows developers to use the same code for multiple platforms. So there is no need to write code for each platform. This will help the developer to save lots of time and effort. In addition, developers do not have to maintain separate code bases for different platforms. Understandably, these features of flutter make the development process faster and more efficient.

2. Flutter Offer Native Like Performance

As they are built for a specific platform, native applications offer high-level performance. But Flutter, the cross-platform mobile SDK will provide a native app-like performance. Because this mobile SDK doesn't need an intermediate bridge to access native APIs. Thus, flutter reduces the chance of performance issues. Flutter also uses Ahead Of time compilation (AOT) which helps to improve the performance and user experience by eliminating the need for a runtime interpreter. Leveraging GPU power for animations and transformations further improves Flutter app performance.

3. Hot Reloading

Hot reloading is one of the most important advantages of flutter. This amazing feature lets developers see the reflection of changes in the code in real time even without restarting the app. Flutter will inject the updated code into the running Dart virtual machine after the developer saves the change. Then the developer can see the updated UI without restarting the application. Undoubtedly, the hot reloading feature will speed up development. In addition, it lets developers debug and test the code in less time. So, the development process becomes not only efficient but also enjoyable for the developers.

4. Rich set of customizable widgets

Flutter provides a rich set of customizable widgets for the developers. So that the developers can build beautiful and engaging user interfaces in a short time. This will reduce the development time significantly. Flutter provides both Cupertino (iOS) and material design (Android) widgets. It will ensure a native-like appearance for the apps. Unquestionably, this will improve user experience. Many of these amazing widgets of flutter are also highly reusable. It means they can be used in different places throughout the project. This will ease maintaining the code base and speed up development.

5. Fast development

Probably, the most highlighting advantage of Flutter is the faster development process. There are several reasons for that. The most important one is a single code base system. This will allow developers to use a single code base across different platforms like Android, iOS, and web. So the single code base system will help the developers to significantly reduce the development time. Flutter also offers an extensive set of customizable widgets. So the developers don't have to build every single element. As a result, developers can save both time and effort. The hot reload feature of Flutter helps the developers to see the updates in real-time after changing the code without restarting. So, testing and iteration become effortless and time-saving.

6. Declarative UI

A developer has to describe only the desired state of UI. That is what the desired output should be. Then flutter will take care of how to produce the desired output. So declarative UI will speed up the development by simplifying the code. This cleaner and simpler code will reduce chances for error and ease the testing process and maintenance. More importantly, the declarative UI makes both customization and styling much easier.

7. Large Community Support

Large community support is another impressive thing about Flutter. You can find a large set of resources like documentation, tutorials, and blogs from Flutter. That will ease both the learning process and clarification of doubts. With the support of a large community of developers, you can readily find solutions to almost any issue. So this will help you to reduce debugging time significantly. You can also find active forums and discussions on the dev community, Stack Overflow, and Reddit. Developers will help you to find the solution in a very short time. So, even for a beginner, it becomes easier to learn flutter. As Flutter is an open-source project you will see valuable contributions from developers from all across the world. This will ensure continuous improvement of this open-source framework.

8. It is a free and open-source

Flutter is a free and open-source framework. So it provides many outstanding benefits. As it is free of cost anyone can easily start learning and developing using Flutter. As a result, there will be continuous improvement and addition of many innovative features and tools within this framework. Access to the code base in open-source will help to provide a better understanding of this framework. Thorough reviewing and testing by a large group of developers are common in open-source projects. So that it guarantees security and reliability. As Flutter is free to use and has support from a large community, it ensures faster and more cost-efficient development.

9. Reduce development cost

First of all, flutter allows developers to use a single code base for multiple platforms. This will reduce the time required for development significantly, As a result, businesses can reduce the cost required for app development. Flutter is open-source and free. So, this framework demands no licensing fee and offers support from a large community and reliability. These features make development using Flutter much easier and guarantee completion in a short period. The availability of a large set of customizable widgets of Flutter will also help developers avoid the necessity of building every single element. This will help to avoid unnecessary complexities and minimize the development cycle. The hot reload feature of Flutter lets the developers see the result of changes in code in real-time without restarting the app. So, experimenting, testing, and debugging become so much easier and time-saving. All these reasons validate how the flutter framework guarantees a cost-efficient and time-saving development process.

10. Continuous Improvement and regular updates

There are valid reasons for so many developers choose Flutter for application development. The single code system, hot reloading, vast library of customizable widgets, dart language, declarative UI, and support from a large community of flutter make development easier, more efficient, and time-saving. With the support of a large community of developers, the Flutter framework is constantly evolving. Developed and supported by Google, the Flutter framework will receive new features and improvements for sure. So, the popularity and acceptance of Flutter will only continue to improve in the coming years.


Unquestionably, Flutter is an excellent choice for mobile application development. Flutter promises the fast development of stunningly looking, high-performing user-friendly applications. Are you looking for expert Flutter app developers? Well, our experienced Flutter app developers can craft mobile applications for your business that improve conversion and sales. So, contact our staff today itself.

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