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Interactive software is critical to the smooth operation of any business. The primary goal of capable software is to identify the core business functions, that is constantly evolving and simplifies the business process without jeopardizing revenue generation. Custom Software Development can help your business succeed in today's highly competitive and volatile market.

Reon Technologies, your reliable software development company in Toronto, offers customized software development services to help you develop and deliver the right software for your business needs. We also provide top notch and world-class custom software development services to start-ups, small-to-medium-sized (SMB), and enterprise-sized businesses. We ensure to provide secure and scalable software applications and development services for web and mobile versions as well, backed by a skilled and dedicated software development team. Our custom software development services included the entire software development life cycle, from concept to delivery and maintenance considering and prioritizing the needs and requirements of the client’s business.

Why Choose REON Software Development


We excel as the leading software development service company in Toronto by delivering the best suited software solutions which are entirely based on customer requirements. We ensure the delivery of ready-to-use, competitive, maintainable software solutions aimed at enhancing our clients' businesses and increasing their ROI, whether they are a small start-up in their business development phase or a mid-sized business.

Our expertise areas in software development services include

Custom Web Development

As your business needs are distinct and unique from everyone else's, not every software solutions can meet your business needs. We help you to create custom business apps for businesses of all sizes, indeed by taking into account the particular and distinctive needs of each customer’s business.

Execution and Deployment

We identify the essential requirements for developing a comprehensive software design and execution strategy that scales the business.

API Development

We create and craft a simple to use API for improved integration and enable smooth synchronization between the already existing technologies.


Our software development services put forward a strong emphasis on integrating designing, engineering, and execution with emerging technologies.


Customized Application Development

We guarantee scalable and responsive software development services that works well on desktop, laptop, and mobile platforms.


Being a top software development company in toronto, we concentrate on keeping your software applications efficient, high performing, responsive and long-lasting.

Customized APIs

We can develop a personalized and tailored strategy for APIs to function on different software, promoting greater connectivity.

Dynamix UX/UI

Our UX/UI designs and technology are created to engage with customers and foster stronger connections across a range of channels.

Types of Custom Software Solutions We Deliver

We create and provide top-of-the-line software solutions that assist your company in making money by building your software with meticulous planning and iterative testing. Our development team's ability to quickly create a product from scratch is made possible by our proprietary software solutions. We provide:

CRM Solutions

The company is able to manage, serve, and uphold a long-lasting client relationship thanks to our effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

ERP Solutions

By the integration of the ERP, we revolutionize the core company function. Our software development services provide ERP solutions in both new software and in software that already exists.


Our top-of-the-line billing solutions make transactions simple and permit smooth integration of numerous POS terminals.

warehouse management
AI & loT Solutions

We program a variety of embedded devices, such as wearables, consumer electronics, automation systems, and more, using AI and loT solutions.

manufacturing management

We create eCommerce platforms that emphasizes on a participatory user experience and will indeed amplify your offerings to entice and persuade the customers to return and reduce bounce rates.

Tools and Technologies We Use


  • react.webp
  • html-5.webp


  • react.webp
  • html-5.webp


  • react.webp
  • html-5.webp

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