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Exceptional support for your Flutter applications Utilize our Flutter steps to create, test, and deploy apps for both iOS and Android.

Our Flutter App Development Services


Flutter consulting services

Our Flutter specialists may assist with assessing your present set-up and developing tailored Flutter applications to use Flutter in a way that will change the way your business is conducted.

Cross-platform app development

Our Flutter developers have in-depth knowledge of the app development process and can create secure, scalable, and top-notch quality mobile apps for Android and iOS that will deliver a positive user experience and ensure high performance.

Advanced and native app development

Flutter provides flexibility for performance similar to that of native apps. Our Flutter developers have the know-how to quickly incorporate the native capabilities of local devices to get the appearance and feel of a native app. Contact us to learn more.

Flutter app upgrade

For greater business continuity, security updates, and performance enhancements, we can assist you in smoothly migrating to the most recent version of Flutter.

Support and maintenance

For support and maintenance services, we offer several different interaction strategies. These are made to increase the quality of your applications, decrease the frequency of mistakes, and guarantee application uptime.

Why Flutter is the better choice for your mobile application

  • Faster time-to-market
  • User-first UI and UX
  • Exceptional and Smooth Integration
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Native performance
  • Highly scalable applications

Why choose Reon Technologies?

To improve automation and process management, Reon Technologies assists businesses in creating high-quality cross-platform apps. To create mobile apps that are suitable for enterprise use, work with our skilled Flutter app developers. Working with our incredibly reliable and outstanding Flutter mobile app developers at Reon Technologies will enable your company to experience the benefits stated below.

  • An exceptionally skilled team of experts
  • On-time project delivery
  • Projects with assured quality
  • Consistent maintenance support

Tools and Technologies We Use


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Frequently Asked Questions

The time-to-market (TTM) can be reduced and a larger target audience can be attained with the help of the Flutter app development framework. It can assist you in accelerating the development of your business apps. Additionally, the integration of the Dart 2.2 SDK in Flutter might aid in enhancing the speed at which the programmes for your commercial apps are developed.

The estimated cost of creating an app depends on a number of variables, including the complexity of the functionality, design, maintenance and support, integrations, and more. The cost of creating a modest native mobile app with only the most basic functionalities would be about half that of a Flutter-based app. The development of cross-platform software is significantly less expensive than native app development.

Yes, you may transfer your current business applications to the Flutter platforms without changing them whatsoever. By incorporating Flutter as a component or library, you may quickly convert an existing native app to work with Flutter. Tell us your requirements and get a quote now.