10 Common Misconceptions about WordPress Demystified

WordPress may be the most powerful and popular content management system available today. Still, there are so many misconceptions about WordPress exists. Because of these misconceptions, people may prevent themselves from realizing the true power of WordPress. So, debunking misconceptions about WordPress and knowing the truth is important. So, Let us discuss it in detail.

common misconceptions wordpress demystified

1.1. WordPress is insecure

WordPress is the most popular website builder available and it is also an open-source platform. So, it becomes a main target for security attacks. But that doesn't mean WordPress is completely insecure. First of all, WordPress has a dedicated team to ensure the platform's safety by identifying the flaws and releasing important updates. Make sure you update to the latest version of WordPress to keep your site safe and secure. There are many efficient WordPress security plugins available that can protect your site from brute force and malware attacks. Secure, word fence, and Solid Security (formerly known as iTheme Security) are some of the best WordPress security plugins available. You should also follow all possible security practices to keep your WordPress website safe. Following are some of the best security practices to keep your WordPress site safe and secure

● Choose a strong and complex password.

● Choose only a safe and secure hosting provider.

● Active Two Factor Authentication.

● Update WordPress core, your theme, and all installed plugins regularly.

● Choose an effective security plugin for your website.

● Secure your site with SSL.

2. WordPress is only good for blogging

Probably the most common misconception about WordPress is that it is only good for bloggers. The truth is you can use this powerful platform to build a variety of websites. That is how WordPress emerged as the most popular Content Management System on the internet. The availability of a huge number of themes and plugins, open source, customization, and user-friendliness are important things that make WordPress very versatile. Different Types of Websites You Can Build Using WordPress

● Blogs

● Business websites

● ecommerce Websites

● Forums

● Booking Websites

● Travel websites

● Social Media Websites

3. Should know coding to use WordPress

This is completely untrue. One big reason behind the widespread acceptance of WordPress is that it demands no coding skills. WordPress offers a vast collection of themes. So you can easily change the appearance and layout of your website by choosing different themes. Customizing the theme is also very easy. You can change color, header, footer, logo, favicon, font style, or post format within no time. You can also add more functionalities using the huge number of plugins available in WordPress. You can improve the security or performance of the website by choosing the best plugin within the category. The installation and management of both themes and plugins can be done even by beginners. Adding content, images, pages, or videos also requires no coding skills. The block-based system of WordPress allows you to add and format content without facing any confusion.

4. It is difficult to learn WordPress

Learning the basics of WordPress is very easy. Having coding skills is always an added advantage. But to learn or use WordPress requires no coding knowledge. The user-friendly tools, customizable themes, and easy-to-understand features that WordPress offers make it extremely easy even for a beginner to build a professional-looking website. Choosing, installing, and activating themes are plugins is extremely easy. Predictability is the highlighting feature of WordPress. Even without guidance, a beginner will understand the different features and options WordPress offers. By looking at every option carefully, you will get a clear idea about how to customize a theme or add different functionalities using a plugin. The preview option will help check how different changes you made within WordPress look like even before applying them. Anyone who uses any word processor can easily learn how to add, edit, and publish posts and pages using WordPress. Make sure you read documentation or other informative tutorials available on the internet before starting to use WordPress. It will make everything easier.

5. WordPress is not mobile-friendly

Another myth about WordPress you have to stop caring. Because WordPress is surely a mobile-friendly platform. Most of the themes available on WordPress - Both Paid and Free are mobile-friendly. Most themes offer built-in mobile menus so that menus will appear in a user-friendly style on every type of screen. WordPress automatically creates differently-sized images. So that it can serve the best type according to the type of device. This feature not only allows mobile users to view the images in the right size but also without facing any loading issues. Users can also get different plugins to optimize images, speed, and caching so that websites will work smoothly on slow mobile networks.

6. WordPress is not suitable for ecommerce

You can create a professional-looking ecommerce website using WordPress. The customizable themes available on WordPress allow you to set up a unique and beautiful ecommerce Site in no time. There are many plugins available on WordPress that will allow you to add important ecommerce functionality. The most popular plugin among them is Woo commerce. It offers seamless integration with WordPress. Within no time you can set up a unique storefront using the extensive customizing options offered by the Woo commerce plugin. This plugin is very secure and has strong community support. WordPress allows you to integrate different kinds of payment gateways with your ecommerce website. For a business owner, it is extremely important to have different payment systems to offer. Monitoring users' shopping activity is crucial to make valuable business decisions. The easy integration of WordPress with web analytics services like Google Analytics will help you monitor traffic and user behavior. So, there are so many valid reasons that make WordPress a good platform for ecommerce.

7. WordPress is not SEO-friendly

WordPress is arguably the most SEO-friendly content management system available that website owners can use. Followings are important reasons why WordPress is best for SEO

● Nearly all themes available on WordPress are mobile-friendly. So users can easily use WordPress websites across different devices without facing any difficulty. Mobile friendliness is also an important google rankingfactor.

● WordPress allows you to make custom permalinks. This permalink editing option of WordPress allows you to create SEO friendly structure. Post name after the domain name is the best permalink structure you can choose.

● WordPress allows you to optimize images for SEO.You can write alt text for images you use within your posts. This will help the search engine to know about what your images are representing.

● Creating a well-optimized title and heading tags is very easy using WordPress.

● Advanced SEO plugins like Yoast Seo in WordPress help you to ensure your website is well-optimized for search engines.

8. WordPress can't handle high traffic

It is just a misconception that WordPress can't handle high traffic. With the right optimizations and the use of capable servers, WordPress can efficiently handle high traffic. It is important to make sure you have done all necessary optimizations. The following are the important things you can consider.

● Use only necessary plugins from the right sources to avoid loading issues.

● Install a cache plugin enhancing speed and performance. By storing static content caching will help returning visitors access data faster. It will help to reduce server load and improve user experience.

● Reduce image file size without losing quality so that images will load faster on browsers.

● Clean your database to remove unused data and post revisions.

● Update WordPress core, plugins, and themes regularly.

● Use CDN for handling high traffic properly. As CDN stores data across different servers around the world, it will be very easy for users from different regions to access the data without facing any loading issues.

9. Almost All Websites Built Using WordPress Have the Same Appearance

It is completely untrue as WordPress allows users to design the website in the way they want. WordPress offers many free and premium themes for its users. These themes offer customization options so that users can decide how their websites look. They can change color, font style, header, footer, widgets, menus, social media icons…etc. Evidently, more than the selection of themes it is how users use customizing options that determine the appearance of websites. They have the power to make the appearance of their website as unique as possible.

10. No active support available for WordPress

It is just a myth about the WordPress platform. The truth is, that WordPress offers so many supportive tutorials and guides. You can also seek help through the official wordpress.com forum. WordPress staff, developers, and other users will readily offer the help you need.


Undoubtedly, WordPress is a powerful platform to build professional and stunningly-looking websites. If you do not have time to build a WordPress website or feel confused, we are extremely happy to help you. At Reon Technologies, we are committed to building WordPress websites that truly stand out. By considering your needs and preferences we will build the website of your dreams in no time. So wait no further, contact our staff today itself.

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