RATEB, a FinTech company in Kuwait, aims to provide digital financial transactions such as salary receipt, fund transfers, international exchanges while offering users ease of access to transaction records.


RATEB faced the challenge of increasing digital adoption and ensuring the seamless operation of their financial services in a competitive market. One of the major issue faced by the client was huge service charges imposed on transactions while adoption normal bank transactions.


We are an emerging company in the tech industry, stepped in to assist RATEB in overcoming these challenges by providing ease of access in money transactions to both employ and employer side. We developed Mobile and Web app to enhance digital adoption rates and optimize the performance of their financial services. Collaborating with relevant authorities and financial institutions to create a streamlined process and ensure the legality and safety of the transactions would be imperative. Implementing such a solution could potentially alleviate the financial burden on employees and promote a more efficient and transparent financial system in the UAE.


As a result of our collaboration, RATEB experienced significant growth in digital transactions, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced operational efficiency. This partnership with Reon Technology proved instrumental in achieving their primary objectives.

Tools and Technologies We Use


  • react.webp
  • html-5.webp


  • react.webp
  • html-5.webp


  • react.webp
  • html-5.webp

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