Hygea Laboratories


Hygea Laboratories is the best laboratory in Thrissur, with about more than 15 branches in and around Thrissur. They provide multiple health packages with 50+ tests to determine the physical health status. They also provide home blood collection drive for the convenience of elderly people.


Hygea labs approached us for digital marketing services – search engine optimization and social media management. Their main intent was to bring the proposed keywords to the first page and to use performance marketing to generate brand awareness, reach and increase sales.


Our proposed solution and strategy for the Hygea laboratories were to start by revamping the website content to ideally make it more seo friendly. In order to increase brand awareness and to help with quality lead generation, we proposed to run regular Facebook ads.


As the result of our digital marketing team’s efforts, most of our proposed keywords have reached the first page. Social media optimization measures and Facebook ads have led to an increased reach and awareness of the brand. Hence, the sales rates have also relatively improved. Hygea labs have been working with us for the past 2 years and are highly satisfied with the results.

Tools and Technologies We Use


  • react.webp
  • html-5.webp


  • react.webp
  • html-5.webp


  • react.webp
  • html-5.webp

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