Is Responsive Web Design A Must For Modern Websites?

Responsive web design is a powerful modern technique used to develop websites that could offer a seamless viewing experience for the users to browse from any device they wish. Website content, images, and structure will remain the same on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens. Responsive websites use Fluid grids instead of pixels so that every page element is sized by proportion. This avoids unnecessary resizing, scrolling, zooming, or panning that occurs with sites.

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As a responsible Web Development Company in UAE, Reon Technologies understands the importance of a Responsive Web Design technology. This is why we adopt a strategy that make your site mobile-friendly. Even if it is large or small screen the customers don’t have to spend much time on your site waiting for the pages to load. Introducing a Responsive design to your company webpage will invite more visitors to the site improving your rankings in search engines.

A responsive web design provides a lot of benefits to the user as well as the designer.

  • Better user experience

  • A responsive web design allows your user to experience the content of your page without shrinking and zooming the images or text on their device screen. Navigation to your site is easily made through this adjustment of the screen whatever be the device. More happy customers means more sales and revenue. By providing a better user experience for the customers they can view images and content quicker which will create a good impression.

  • Cost effectiveness

  • It will be very difficult to create separate designs for your webpage in mobile, desktop and tablet. It could also increase the cost of maintenance. By using responsive web design you are actually investing in a single site design which is applicable to both mobile and non-mobile audience. Maintaining and updating your website is easy and cost-effective to any App Developer in Dubai which saves both time and money.

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Maintaining multiple websites will be time-consuming and difficult. A responsive web design allows you to easily make the changes yourself with just one website that is supported by all devices. By making the mobile browsing process easier more customers will be directed to your site.

  • Lower Bounce Rates

  • Many Web Applications in Dubai uses responsive web design for their customer websites so that a visitor to their website stays long. The visitor will be browsing through your webpages reading all the information you have mentioned. This reduces the Bounce rate which is a positive sign for search engines.

  • No Duplicate Content

  • Multiple websites means duplicate content. Search engines get confused in taking up the relevant content which can lower the search engine rank. Separate SEO strategies and campaigns needs to be created for different websites of yours. Developing a responsive web design can make your website content specific and relevant for users.

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As a Web Development Company in Dubai, Reon Technologies specify on this factor. Search engine rank can be improved using this technology that could increase the responsiveness of your website. You web page is not displayed on first pages of search engines unless and until you rank among the top responsive websites.

  • Better Website Loading Time

  • It is only those websites that are responsive loads faster on devices. If your site is taking more time then visitor will abandon your page making it less preferable for search engines. You can consult a good Web Development Company in UAE like Reon Technologies in order to solve this problem. With a responsive web design for your site we could make your page load faster.

  • Easy multi-device adaption

  • An advantage of responsive web design is that it get adapted to various screens. The content relocates, images gets resized and the layout changes will adjust based on the screen size in order to provide the user an exceptional experience.

    With the growing trend of hand held devices like mobiles and tablets, Responsive Web Design has become a must for modern websites. This will benefit for your business making your website more responsive. Reon technologies being one of the top App Developers in Dubai specializes on responsive web design by planning, redesigning and choosing the right platform for our customer’s website.

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