Outsourcing & offshoring

IT outsourcing service

OutsourcingT helps small and mid-sized companies in achieving twice the productivity and cost savings without much hassles. Reon delivers effective and affordable IT outsourcing solutions to meet your specific business needs. Our SME IT outsourcing solutions are designed to reduce your costs, increase your productivity and mitigate your business risks


IT Off Shoring Service

Its more than getting work done in a different country. Benefits of off shoring are usually lower costs, better availability of skilled people, and getting work done faster through a pool expertise.

Manages IT Services

We provide the below service to serve you better.

It goes without saying that excellence in IT governance is a key prerequisite for delivering IT services and optimizing available technologies at the best possible cost. This ensures your business strategies are aligned with your IT priorities. Our management framework fosters operational excellence in accountability, control and service delivery.

Tools and Process


IT outsourcing goes hand-in-hand with our Management Foundation governance model. This model includes three major frameworks, including one that focuses on quality assurance and client satisfaction, which we call the Client Partnership Management Framework (CPMF). The CPMF covers every aspect of our engagements, including service offerings, contract negotiations and service delivery, and makes use of the best IT tools and processes available.


Domain Expertise

IT outsourcing services draw on more than 35 years of expertise, enabling us to understand our clients' activities in their respective fields and propose solutions that make the most of their technology investments. Our industry and technology expertise gives our clients access to specialized, in-depth knowledge that can help them optimize and transform their IT operations.