Mobile Application - Multi Faceted Perspective

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Does mobile application play role in your daily life? Yes, it does. People with a busy life will not have enough time to sort out things. Most the time they rely on mobile phone application, which makes their daily actives easier. In Dubai, most of the people use these mobile apps for their daily purpose. Let us see what all are the trending mobile apps in Dubai : Yellow pages - business directory , Zomato - to find out best restaurant, VOX cinema - can watch screening before buying tickets, Nearbuy - for getting discount rate on top brands, - for the job seeker, Dubai, mParking - for park details in Dubai. Creating multifaceted mobile application is vital to IT companies in Dubai that can come in handy for all people.

The immigrant entrepreneurs are using Dubai as a platform to start their endeavors and they are using technology to reach their customer. In so many regions, many apps are not available or restricted to download in Dubai. Therefore, creating a unique app and making it available in all regions is a challenge for the mobile app developer Dubai.

Types of Mobile Application

  • Native application
  • Hybrid application
  • Web application

Native application developed for a single mobile operating system exclusively benefited for a single particular platform or device. App built for systems like iOS, Android, Windows phone, cannot use on a platform other than their own. It is important to know that because of this, you will not be able to use the Android app on iPhone. The Main gain is high performance and ensuring worthy user experience. (e.g. Pokémon go, Pinterest, Facebook)

Hybrid application is multi-platform apps, which is fast and relatively easy to develop. It is a combination of both native and web application. There are many web frameworks presented, which can support you make hybrid apps. (e.g. Instagram, Uber, Evernote)

Web application is similar to the native application in their performance. It runs on the internet browser or on through web page .These kinds of redirect us into the page to click onto the install option. Numerous i.t companies in Dubai are developing and creating web application. Web application fastens up according to the availability of network connection. (E.g. M.S Word, Presentation tools, Google Doc)

The categories of apps include

  1. Business apps: Indeed job search, Zoho Corporation, Square Inc. etc.
  2. Educational apps: Photomath, Quizlet, etc.
  3. Lifestyle apps: Tinder, Aroundme etc.
  4. Entertainment apps: Netflix, Dubsmah, Talking tom etc.
  5. Utility apps: Flashlight, Bitmoji, QRReader etc.
  6. Travel apps: Google Earth, Uber etc.

We can create a mobile application with the help of mobile app development in Dubai .You can own customized mobile application for your business or create one for your own requirements.

Dubai is a burgeoning place with all categories of business. Mobile application helps you to develop your business by getting interaction with people. In order to create a mobile application, you need to know the best place. Reon Technologies one of the leading IT companies in Dubai will help you to generate mobile apps. That can also help you to understand what people think about your product and how they are reviewing. So bump into your nearest app developers.

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