Mobile App Development…Bringing Your Bright Ideas to Life

Reon Technologies serves our customers by providing value added services that makes us one of the top Digital Marketing Company UAE. Your ideas are understood and converted into various applications that enhance your business market. Awesome mobile apps are created for iOS and android keeping a perfect eye on design, prototyping, development, and testing. A customized mobile application could assist you in real-time content publishing, marketing and sales, collaboration of team members, social network integration, mobile messaging and data gathering. A fully responsive web application that looks like an app would be a great idea to implement which saves your money too.

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It’s time to push your business to a highly technical online trend. For widening your business opportunities in the digital era select the right mobile app development company. We offer professional, trusted and high-quality Android and ios application development services with the most recent technology for our customers. Also with our hybrid app development services more business is generated as it provides faster market delivery and a wide range of audience. The launch of a Mobile App boosts your revenues by reaching a mass global audience.

As far as Reon Technologies is considered we introduces revolutionary mobile apps solutions for businesses to engage users effectively. A well-designed process is followed by us by determining and understanding your business objectives and specific requirements. You are free to share ideas and concepts of the application with our dedicated team which leads you to the right direction of attaining your business goals. At every stage all your needs are considered and a user-friendly application is developed finally. Our clients are allowed to check the progress, share their reviews and suggestions to be incorporated into the application after testing it. Your ideas are brought into life coming up with great mobile apps.

As the best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, we have been following certain strategies that makes mobile app ideas to be converted into reality.

Noting down your ideas

The initial step before a mobile app development is that we listen and note down all of your ideas that comes to your mind about your dream mobile application. This feature list on the paper helps us in focusing on your idea and working on it. In different ways it can be expressed and discussed with designers and developers which is easy for them to understand. Your mobile app will include unique features which will make it popular among a wider audience.

Doing market research

Following the market is an essential step to identify the competition, trends, and market needs. Similar apps may ultimately effect the overall performance and reach of your application. We will ensure that there are no similar apps and if there we will find out their reviews, ratings, feedback, and what is missing in them. The mobile app developed for you will be unique and more attractive to the audience and more features will be added to it in the later stages.

Identifying your audience

We help you in identifying your target audience who will use your app. This group can include people from a specific industry, gender, region, age group, existing customers, income group or specific profession. It is important to find out your audience and their needs so that your application can be re-engineered and lacking features could be added. The success of the product completely lies in the hands of your audience.

Identifying the monetization strategy

For increasing your business revenue features like subscription fee, in-app purchase, in-app ads, user data, sponsorship etc. can be added into your mobile app. Money making could be done in the later stages for additional functions even though at initial stage it is not apt. With your app we ensure you a good return on investment by adding latest techniques.

Creating a rough sketch

We make rough sketches or wireframes that gives more definition to the concept and helps in refinement of the requirements of your product. A wireframe is created using online tools polishing the app idea and features list. This is done because it helps in deciding the appropriate navigation of the whole application. For building the mobile app wireframes, along with the feature list is of great help.

Completing the UI/UX

We create the UI/UX of the app. First the detailed wireframe of the application is created then each screen, function and flow of the application is visualized. Features are added or removed according to your reviews. A final picture of your mobile app is created and development plan, time and cost is reevaluated.

Getting the app Tested

Once the app is built and tested, our customers can send their feedback about the quality, cost and timeline. If the mobile app need some changes or new sets of features should be included then you can discuss those with our team.

Launching the app and marketing

We launch your app in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store once you are satisfied. Promotion through social networking sites will also help in gaining popularity of the app among the audience.

Gathering Market Response

Once the initial launch and marketing is done we collect the user data, market response, and demand. Next phase of your app development could be planned after receiving a good response. The apps developed by us have received well in the market till now.

Every Mobile App Development Company in Dubai has begun with an idea about the app. It increases the workflow and productivity of any organization by reaching a wider audience. We have a skillful and qualified team of mobile app designers who can take care of your company’s needs by bringing your ideas into life. Contact us for more information.

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