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Why should marketing be integrated into your ERP software?

  • ERP Software Dubai helps you manage the numerous inquiries that come in through your website. An ERP system facilitates data consistency and centralization.

  • Shares data across functions such as manufacturing, finance, logistics, human resources and CRM (Customer Relations Management).

  • Provides a dynamic platform to access opportunities and reach out to potential customers.

  • Helps to increase top of the line revenue.

  • Helps to build long-term rewarding relationships.

  • Automated system for sending reminders to customers regarding re-ordering, etc.

How can Reon's ERP System Dubai help you in your marketing efforts?

  • Reon Technologies, your digital marketing consultant, has an in-house team of qualified talent for every area of digital marketing such as SEO management, technical expertise, web development, graphic designing and content writing. The top leadership at Reon constantly infuses the team with new insights and learning gained from a hands on approach- always connected to understand the pulse of the market.

  • An ERP solution will allow your organization, irrespective of geography and function to access a single database. It provides settings that facilitate management to control data access to the right people through use controls.

For an informative read on the role of ERP in improving your marketing strategy, please refer the link:

Reon, prominent among IT companies in Dubai, works with you to understand what data needs to go into your ERP system and why. Our feature-rich ERP solution provides the following benefits:

  • Our ERP System Dubai is designed for enhanced real-time data quality and accessibility with the elimination of manual inaccurate data entry and costly errors. This implies better quality decisions for management.

  • Reon's ERP solution helps you to understand the consumer behavior deeply of your targeted audience. It helps you better understand whom you are selling to and what is the best way to reach out to them.

  • Your ERP system offers automated templates for timely and accessible reporting.

  • Reon helps you engage with your customers meaningfully. We help develop email-marketing campaigns with content that will interest and arouse the curiosity of your audience. We help you implement a marketing mix that keeps your brand alive always in the mind of your customers.

  • Reon's ERP Software Dubai will help you share specific data with your customers. This will help you to build long-term customer relationships.

  • Reon makes sure that your ERP is competent to evaluate your marketing programs. It helps to measure the comparative performance of different marketing tools across different parameters such as cost.

  • Reon, premier among IT companies in Dubai, helps you formulate a marketing strategy for long-term growth based on educating customers, sound customer relations and preparing your prospects for purchase.

  • An integrated ERP system will help you identify the impact of marketing activities in the sales metrics and the variations in trends.

  • With an ERP solution, a system of workflows is introduced, reducing the complexity of your business.

  • Business Analytics or Business Intelligence tools, integrated within your ERP system, enables data analysis for better decisions.

How can an integrated ERP system help to build brand loyalty?

  • An efficient marketing strategy begins with the definition of who exactly your customer is and what he/she expects from your brand. Digital marketing activities such as 'attraction marketing' or 'inbound marketing' are planned on your ERP system with a customer centric approach in contrast to a sales centric one.

  • You can create brand loyalty by communicating to your target audience that the values of your brand are compatible with your audience's personal values and that your brand is competent to fulfill their expectations.

  • ERP software management reports bring agility and flexibility to the complex decision-making process. This ensures that your company is always experiencing healthy growth.

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