Contact Center Solutions

Contact centers are the integral part of an enterprise that offers the best customer engagement experience, amplified lead generation and higher productivity. Reon Technologies is globally recognized provider of Multi-Channel Contact Center products and Solutions.

The Reon Advantage:

Our Contact Center Suite of Solutions bridge the gap between the customers and the enterprise. It creates a seamless interaction management work atmosphere. The solutions are created and developed by a group of veterans in communications management industry who have deep understanding of the end to end procedures and processes of Contact Centers. They can provide effective solutions meeting the changing demands of today's Contact Center industry.

Reon clients use our Contact center solutions to efficiently optimize their enterprise level resources and contact center solutions increased our client's call center performance ,productivity and customer satisfaction.

Features of Contact Center Solutions :

With Reon's contact center solutions you get a complete set of integrated functionalities and capabilities.

  • Contact Center Reporting capabilities: Call center Data Analytics: A complete report on analysis of call data ( aka no of calls resolved, no of calls escalated , no of calls abandoned etc) and pre-defined business rules.
  • Call center Dashboards: Provides decision supporting information to agents and supervisors thereby helping them in deciding on instant actions required to be taken to maintain the equilibrium of contact centre operations as per SLA.
  • Call center KPI Reporting: Provides measurable indicators and results based on contact centre performance to help scoring the team members (i.e. number of calls, average call duration, lead generation, various levels of resolutions)
  • Statistics analysis and reporting: Generates call centre status log sheets (i.e. number of calls per agent, number of calls per Customer/Category)