Interactive Voice Response and Its Benefits

Interactive voice response or IVR is an innovation, which allows a computer to interact with people using DTMF tones input via a keypad and voice. In broadcast communications, IVR enables clients to associate with an organization's host system by means of a phone keypad or by speech recognition, after which services can be inquired through the IVR exchange or dialogues. IVR system can react with a pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to additionally guide clients on the most proficient methods to continue. For all the supreme CISCO IVR application development in Dubai, Reon Technologies is the name you can trust. IVR is a telephony menu system which assists in identifying the caller’s ID, segmenting and routing the callers to the suitable agent within the team. This is modest and effective means, which reduces costs significantly, and increases the efficiency of the company.

IVR enables you to:

  • Configure personalized messages and prompts:
  • It allows you to record a customized greeting, message and prompts so that, when your client calls your organization, they will have a more customized involvement. For example: press 1 for checking your mobile balance (in a network company). For more details in CISCO VXML IVR application development Abu Dhabi, its best to meet with Reon Technologies.

  • You can use a pre-recorded IVR messages:
  • If you want to use your own voice for the IVR message, you may or if you want, you can use a pre-recorded IVR message from computer voice that is also possible. If you want a professional CISCO IVR application development in Dubai, then CISCO VXML IVR application development Abu Dhabi is the finest place to meet.

  • Collect information’s about your callers:
  • IVR allows gathering information’s about your customer’s, their needs and then transfer the call to the most suitable agent or the department. This reduces the risk of transferring the calls to the wrong agent or department.

  • Automate customer support
  • Why waste time by holding the phone for long in a queue and then talk to an agent for solving your issues, when you yourself can solve most of your quires by IVR automate customer support. And then speak with the agents only for unsolved problems. It means in 100%, almost 60% of quires can be solved by this system. We are having a proliferate team of specialists in CISCO CVP IVR application development UAE, to solve all your quires.

  • Prioritize calls based on the value
  • Whenever a high-value customer calls your organization IVR helps in to direct the calls to the proliferate agent and this happens without call waiting and standing in a queue.

Why choose IVR? What are its benefits?

  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Using IVR, the customers are directed to the appropriate agents, who are capable of solving the customer’s issues easily without directing the calls to other agents who are less proliferate in solving the topic or delaying for a solution. If you are in need of the superlative CISCO IVR application development in Dubai, then contact us soon.

  • Increase customer service efficiency
  • Agents who work in an organization that uses an IVR are more capable of tackling particular issues and addressing particular needs of the clients that they are doled out. The outcome is an expansion of client benefit productivity.

  • Increase the company’s efficiency
  • Agents who work in an organization with an IVR are more skilled in attending to a particular issue, and are more averse to counsel with colleagues or a manager and are additionally less inclined to exchange the call to another operator. This outcome is a huge increment in specialist or agents and for the company’s effectiveness.

  • Reduce operational costs
  • How can IVR help in reducing costs? It replaces the receptionist or a customer service agent, who answer the call and directs the calls manually by pressing the directing code. This reduces the human involvement and capital of investment.

  • Increase professionalism
  • You can utilize an IVR system to welcome your clients in an extremely proficient way and to influence it to give the idea that we have mired departments and employees than you actually have.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • When your IVR is relaxed and more reliable, customers will not be routed to the wrong department, or press the wrong code and get directed to an agent who cannot solve their problems.

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